spring 2019

March 23-24 Body Weather Workshop Brussels 

Body Meets Imagination Info and flyer: www.thepoeticbodies.eu,
Reservations:  thepoeticbodies@gmail.com Tel: +32 (0)477813662

March 29-31 Body Weather Workshop Amsterdam

With Katerina Bakatsaki and Guests
Info and reservations: bodyweather.nl@gmail.com Tel: +31 (0)6 3486 0873

March 30-31 Body Weather Workshop Geneva

Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl

April 6-7 Body Weather Workshop Prague

Info and flyer: https://www.divadloarcha.cz/en/
Reservations: jana.svobodova@archatheatre.cz

April 16-21 Body/Landscape Burg Catalan Pyrenees Spain

Info and flyer: retopagiga@hotmail.com

April 23-28 Body/Landscape Cornwall

Info and flyer:  frank.bwa@xs4all.nl