spring 2018

April 4-14 Body Weather Workshop around Water Dance Day Atlanta
With Core Dance Company Atlanta Georgia USA
Info and flyer: patton@beacondance.org
April 16-17 Body Weather Ludus Lab CAVE New York
Info and flyer: www.leimay.org
May 14-18 Body Weather Workshop for Damu Faculty of Theater Prague
Info and flyer: michalsomos@gmail.com
May 19-20 Body Weather Workshop Archa Prague
At Archa Theatre Info and flyer: jana.svobodova@archatheatre.cz
May 21-22  Body Weather Workshop Berlin
Info and flyer: gafadavid@gmail.com 
June 3-8 Body/Landscape and earthBODYment Lasqueti Island British Columbia Canada Joint workshop with Bronwyn Preece and Frank van de Ven
June 16-22 Body/Landscape Parc National des Hauts Gorges Quebec Canada
Info and flyer: fortin_josi@hotmail.com tel: +1-(514) 618-1774
June 26-July 2 B/L Lizard Peninsula Cornwall UK
Info and flyer: petrasoor@yahoo.co.uk +44 7932 040047
July 13-19 Body/Landscape Itxassou Pays Basque France
Workshop embedded within the Errobiko Festival combining work in the studio with hikes through the Pyrenees. Info and flyer: frank.bwa@xs4all.nl
August 25-30 Bohemiae Rosa Rychleby Mountains North Moravia Czech Republic
Body – Site – Exploration Interdisciplinary workshop with Milos Sejn (Academy of Art & Design Prague) and Frank van de Ven
Info and flyer: Katka Bilejova bilejovak@jinonice.cuni.cz
September 2-8  Body/Landscape Ireland
place to be confirmed
Info and flyer: Seamus Dunbar seamus.dunbar@gmail.com